Atlantis Holiday Suites_kitchen a

Atlantis Holiday Suites – April 2021 update

The Atlantis Holiday Suites building consists of 12 three bedroom apartments accommodation for our staff and a large underground garage We are delighted and proud to announce that finally this project is almost complete How many floors are there The Atlantis Holiday Suites building is over 8 floors all serviced by a passenger lift At…

Zeus faber_1

The mysterious Zeus faber

Zeus faber is a demersal coastal marine fish with a laterally compressed olive yellow body which has a large dark spot and long spines on the dorsal fin What s so strange in a name To start with even the scientific Latin name is peculiar It is part Greek Zeus the father of the Greek…

Tal-Mixta Cave 2

Tal-Mixta Cave

Tal Mixta Cave is a cave high up on a cliff overlooking the idyllic Ramla Bay on the ridge opposite the popular Calypso Cave How can I reach it This cave can either be reached by either climbing up from Ramla Bay or otherwise taking the easier route by following Google Maps through the outskirts…

compressor number 4

Improving Atlantis Gozo facilities

We are continuously working hard improving Atlantis Gozo adding to our facilities and services Another compressor more banks more diving cylinders During the past few weeks we have installed a 4th compressor added more air banks and increased the number of cylinders These latest additions complement our already well established and very well equipped dive…

Cathedral Cave surface two

Cathedral Cave – secrets revealed

Starting from Ghasri Valley Cathedral Cave is located on the right hand wall just outside of this spectacular narrow gorge From the back of this cavern the view to the outside blue of the ocean is breathtaking How deep is this cavern The entrance to Cathedral Cave is only 5m below the surface extending to…

Bath Sponge

Bath Sponge (Spongia officinalis)

Spongia officinalis better known as a variety of Bath Sponge is a commercially used sea sponge Individuals grow in large lobes with small openings and are formed by a mesh of primary and secondary fibres It is found throughout the Mediterranean Sea thus also around the Maltese Islands The genus Spongia belongs to the family…

Green Boring Sponge

Green Boring Sponge (Cliona viridis)

Cliona viridis the Green Boring Sponge is a species of demosponge found along the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea thus also around the Maltese Islands The Green Boring Sponge s form varies according to the nature of the surface on which it grows In limestone and other…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2021

Merry Christmas A Happy New Year 2021 Wishing you all the best Happy Holidays from the Atlantis Gozo Team This photo was taken by Brian Azzopardi from the back of Cathedral Cave on Gozo s north coast

Mediterranean Feather Star

Antedon mediterranea (Mediterranean Feather Star)

Antedon mediterranea the Mediterranean Feather Star a k a Sea Lily is a species of stalkless crinoid a type of sea star native to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea thus also the Maltese Islands The genus Antedon belongs to the subfamily Antedoninae family Antedonidae superfamily Antedonoidea order Comatulida subclass Articulata class Crinoidea subphylum…

Salema Porgy

Salema Porgy (Sarpa salpa)

Sarpa salpa the Salema Porgy a k a Dreamfish Salema Cow Bream or Goldline is a type of bony fish a species of sea bream belonging to the family of porgies It inhabits the temperate and tropical waters of the Eastern Atlantic Ocean where it ranges from the Bay of Biscay to South Africa as…