Practical lessons will also give divers confidence to deal with diver emergencies. The depth of your dives can be built progressively to a maximum of 50 m after qualifying. Dive Leaders are also eligible to progress to BSAC Open Water Instructor.

The BSAC Dive Leader Course includes theory lessons in a classroom, practical lessons in open water and 20 open water dives. The course programme is used to develop BSAC Sports Divers and (or equivalent) into BSAC Dive Leaders.

The BSAC Dive Leader Course consists of the following elements:

  • Twelve classroom lessons. These will cover a wide range of subjects including the role of a BSAC Dive Leader, oxygen administration, dive planning, rescue management and more,
  • A theory assessment,
  • Seven Open Water lessons – during these you will cover a range of skills including DSMB deployment,
  • Two dry practical lessons, dive leader practice, shot recovery, rescue management and more,
  • Twenty dives (which may include the Open Water lessons). Here you will experience a range of different conditions during 20 Open Water dives totalling a minimum in-water time of 600 mins since gaining BSAC Sports Diver certification. Gain experience of diving from boats, significant experience acting as a dive leader and diving at depths greater than 25 m.

With Atlantis Diving Centre you will have a safe, fun and high quality BSAC Dive Leader course experience. As part of this we apply the following safety practices:

  • A Risk and Medical Statement is signed by the participant (in the case of under 18’s by the Parent or Guardian)
  • Any participant under 18 years is supervised by a parent or guardian at all times,
  • You will be supervised by a BSAC Dive Professional that will be with you at all times throughout the day’s  activity. All are in active teaching status, fully paid up members of BSAC and fully insured for your safety and peace of mind with DAN (Diver Alert Network).


- You must be minimum a BSAC Sports Diver, - Able to swim and comfortable in water, - You should also be in good overall general health to dive, particularly your respiratory and circulatory system. You will be asked to either provide a medical certificate or self-certify before starting a course or entering the water, and - You need to complete the required BSAC forms.