The BSAC Ocean Diver course with Atlantis Diving Centre introduces you to scuba diving in the safety of sheltered water and an introduction to open water diving in a controlled, safe manner. Scuba diving experience and confidence will be gained under the guidance of a qualified BSAC instructor.
The BSAC Ocean Diver Course includes theory lessons in a classroom, five practical lessons in a swimming pool or similar sheltered water, and four open water dives.


During the classroom sessions you will learn about the following:

• Overview BSAC and the benefits of being a BSAC member,
• Diving equipment and diving signals,
• The body and effects of diving,
• Planning to go diving and going diving,
• Understanding the risks involved in scuba diving and how to manage them.

During the sheltered water and ocean dives you will learn and practice a range of scuba diving skills – all aimed at helping you to become a competent scuba diver. Some of the scuba diving skills you will learn include maintaining neutral buoyancy, performing controlled descents and ascents, clearing your mask and a range of diver safety skills
(for you and your buddy).
During the ocean dives you will experience a range of four different diving conditions during a minimum in water time of not less than 120 minutes. This includes practicing the skills you learnt in the sheltered water dives, planning a dive then following this plan, and practicing dealing with a diver emergency.

With Atlantis Diving Centre you will have a safe, fun and high quality BSAC Ocean Diver course experience.

As part of this we apply the following safety practices:

• A Risk and Medical Statement is signed by the participant (in the case of under 18’s by the Parent or Guardian),
• Any participant under 18 years is supervised by a parent or guardian at all times,
• You will be supervised by a BSAC Dive Professional that will be with you at all times throughout the day’s activity. All are in active teaching status, fully paid up members of BSAC and fully insured for your safety and peace of mind with DAN (Diver Alert Network).


- You need to be over the age of 12 years, - Able to swim and comfortable in water, - You should also be in good overall general health to dive, particularly your respiratory and circulatory system.You will be asked to either provide a medical certificate or self-certify before starting a course or entering the water, - And you need to complete the required BSAC forms.