Marsalforn is characterised by its harbour-side cafes and restaurants, most serving fresh fish. The small harbour is the main port for a fleet of traditional `luzzijiet’ and smaller fishing boats.  One can still observe the continuous activity of fisherman returning to and leaving from Marsalforn Bay on their rather colourful boats.  The beauty of Marsalforn is its relaxed atmosphere, even in the height of summer. The seaside town has a small church dedicated to St Paul’s Shipwreck.

To the west of Marsalforn there are hundreds of salt-pans hewn into the rocky and rather dramatic landscape.  Up to this very day, one can still see locals making salt as their ancestors used to do centuries ago. Bus transport to the capital city of Gozo, Victoria, is in frequent operation throughout the year and better still during summer. Atlantis Diving Centre is situated in a tranquil area just 5 minutes walk from the sea-front and centre of Marsalforn.