This includes Atlantis Diving Centre as an Internationally recognised BSAC Diver Training Centre in Gozo, Malta. BSAC focuses on providing a social, family-friendly club and dive centre network which offers a great mix of quality training and regular scuba diving where divers can learn scuba diving and progress at their own pace. BSAC also has a worldwide reputation for excellence and safety. This is why Atlantis Diving Centre is a perfect choice as a BSAC Diver Training Centre – safe, high quality, fun scuba diving experiences. Our BSAC training programme is open to the various experience level of the diver – from the entry level BSAC Ocean Diver through to our BSAC Dive Leader as well as Accelerated Decompression Course.

To receive your BSAC certification, after completing a BSAC course, you will need to become a member of BSAC (for a small annual fee). Being a member of BSAC provides a range of benefits including access to the 1,100 BSAC Clubs and 300 BSAC Dive Centres, free Third Party Liability Insurance (up to a value of GBP10m) and free monthly subscription to DIVE magazine, worth £46.80 and a range of other benefits. Read on to find out more about the extensive range of BSAC learn to Scuba Diving courses offered by Atlantis Diving Centre in Gozo, Malta.