Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How many wrecks are there in the Maltese islands?

There are approximately 60 wrecks around the islands.


What is the coldest the Sea temperature ever gets here?

15 °C during the winter season.


Are there any sharks in Malta?



I have never dived before, can I still try it?
You can try diving with us at any time of the year. We will start with a short lesson teaching you a few basics before heading to a shallow protected sea location where you can get to grips with the world of diving alongside one of our experienced instructors.


Will I get seasick?

This depends from person to person.  Some people get seasick even on a flat sea!

If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend that you bring some medication along (make sure with your doctor that there would be no side effects to stop you diving!).


On the bright side, Gozo is great for people who are prone to seasickness.  In fact, most of our dive sites are accessed directly from the shore, thus avoiding boat trips on most days.


What is the minimum/maximum age for diving?

The minimum age to dive is 10.  There is no maximum age for diving as long as one is fit to dive.  In case you have a medical condition, irrespective of your age, we strongly recommend that you consult your physician before travelling for a diving holiday.


I don’t know how to swim properly. Can I dive anyhow?

You do not need to be an Olympic champion, but for safety reasons, there are some minimum swimming requirements. You will need to complete a 200 metre swim – this can be any stroke and isn’t timed, so you can take your time. You’ll also need to float for ten minutes – you can do this laying on your back or by treading water.


When is the best time of the year to come diving?

We are open all year round and dive pretty much every day of the year.  However, the best time to dive is between May and October.


How deep will I be able to dive?

The maximum depth depends on the diver’s qualification and his experience, the number of logged dives and the last logged dive.  We practically organise dives to depths varying from 5 metres to 100 metres.


In case you have never dived before, a try dive starts from water deep enough to stand up in, and then slowly progressing deeper to a maximum depth of 12 metres.


What sea-life can I expect to see?

The combination of sheer cliffs, caves, wrecks, rocky shelves and sandy sea beds, means there is a large variety of fauna and flora to see in the Maltese waters. Species you are likely to see include groupers, dentex, barracuda, amberjack, various bream, octopus, squid, flying gurnards, stingrays, brown meagres, bogue, red mullet, parrot fish, moray eels and the occasional seahorse.


What will the underwater visibility be like?

The underwater visibility around Gozo can even reach a staggering 40 metres.  However, this varies throughout the year and can even change from day to day and from dive site to dive site. Visibility is driven by many factors including waves, wind and particles.


Do you have night dives?

We do night dives regularly. Kindly ask at the desk to book your next night dive!




Do I need to bring anything in particular for my dive?

You only need to bring your towel and swimming costume.  Otherwise, we have everything you would need. Nonetheless if you prefer getting your own equipment, underwater cameras etc…please feel free to do so.


What can I drink/eat prior to the dive?

Drink plenty of water both before and after your dives to be sure you’re well-hydrated.


Don’t dive on an empty stomach. Have a good dinner the night before and wake to a healthy breakfast, so that you have plenty of energy for the day ahead.


Do not eat too much, as too much food can give you a very uncomfortable feeling during the dive. Make sure that you eat healthily, and cut out heavy foods, which are hard to digest, like greasy, meat-heavy dishes. And abstain from bloating foods as well.


No alcohol shortly before the dive! Alcohol can turn your diving experience into a nightmare.


How many dives can I do in one day?

We suggest not do more than 2 dives (apart from the night dive) and have a break of at least 2 hours in between, so that your body can recover from the first dive.


How long does each dive last?

Each dive lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour, air permitting.


Do you always have dive guides on your dives?

Yes, all dives are accompanied by instructor guides.


What is the common diving schedule?

On your first day diving with us, you need to be at our dive centre at least 30 minutes before departure time.  You will do the check-in and then prepare your diving equipment. You will try any rented equipment to make sure it fits you properly.


For all other future dives, we meet at our diving centre 15 minutes before departure time, giving you ample time to pack your equipment. You are then transported to the diving site, where you are briefed by your instructor prior to your dive experience.


Will I need a medical certification?

If you have or have had any medical conditions you will need a doctor’s letter stating that you are ‘fit to scuba dive’. Our closest hyperbaric doctor is in Nadur, 15 minutes away by car and only by appointment; so it’s best to do this before you come over.


Do we dive from the boat or from the shore?

The majority of dives on Gozo start from the shore.  These include most of the best dive sites around the Maltese Islands such as the Blue Hole, Inland Sea, Cathedral Cave, Reqqa Point and the wrecks of MV Karwela and MV Cominoland.


We also organize boat dives to Comino,  to caves/caverns under the sheer cliffs on Gozo’s north coast and to other offshore wrecks.


Try  / Discover Scuba dives always start from the shore.




What sizes are your wetsuits and BCDs?

Our rental wetsuits and BCDs vary in size from XXS to XXXL.


Do you have wetsuits for women?

Yes, we do.  We are well equipped with both women’s and men’s wetsuits.


Can I also just rent diving equipment and go independently with my buddy?

Yes, of course. That is always an option. Our rates for renting equipment can be found here:


What safety equipment do you have?

All of our vehicles and boats are equipped with fully stocked first aid kits and emergency oxygen tanks. All dive guides and boat crew are emergency first responders and rescue divers.


Do you rent underwater cameras?

Yes.  We rent action cams, which are great for taking both photos and videos.




The price?

We have different offers, ranging from a one-dive session to multi-day diving programmes.  We also offer tailor-made packages also including accommodation and airport transfers.


Also look out also for our special offers on our website


My friend isn’t a diver but is s/he able to join on the boat?

Your friend is more than welcome to join us, as long as we have space. We do charge the same cost as a snorkeler (€30) for a day trip to Comino. When you book your dive with us be sure to book your friend on too!


Can I cancel my booking on the same day of my dive and get a refund?

Unfortunately, not. Your booking has been made and your space on the trip secured. Any cancellation on the same day of the dive, still requires payment to be made in full.


Can I book and dive in the same day? / How far in advance do I need to book to dive?

Normally you need to book at least one day ahead of the program but do not hesitate to call.  We have daily trips starting at 08:30 in the morning and again at 13:00 hours..


I had asthma very long time ago. Can I still book a diving trip?

You are required to consult a physician before you are able to dive.  Before travelling, make sure that you have with you a letter from your doctor stating that you are ‘fit to dive’.


Can I pay with credit card at the dive center?

We do have a credit card machine at the dive center,  but it’s wise to bring cash and keep some money on you for food and drinks too.  Credit / Debit cards accepted are VISA and Mastercard.




Would you also ship your sport watches to the US?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the European Union.


Do you have accommodation packages?

Yes, you can have a look at our accommodation offers here:


Where is your dive centre based?

It is based in Triq Il-Qolla Is-Safra, Iż-Żebbuġ MFN 1405, Marsalforn, Gozo.  Check it here on Googlemaps.