Most of the best dives are on north-west Gozo with its exceptionally spectacular caves, caverns, drop-offs, offshore reef structures, gullies, chimneys, tunnels and arches. On the south coast we have also got the wrecks MV Xlendi, MV Cominoland and MV Karwela. Irrespective of your qualification, accompanied dives are led by experienced instructors.

This Malta wrecks map, and all the Diving sites around Gozo, Comino, Malta, on offshore reefs, or underneath high cliffs is done from either a hard or a semi-rigid boat. A few dives ought to be done from the shore, such as night dives, beginner dives, and other dives whose main fascination actually emerges when one starts from the shore; in such cases we use four-wheel-drive vehicles for transport.


At Atlantis, we have been creating underwater memories for the past 15 years. Our diving centre, probably the best scuba diving center in Malta & Gozo, is fully equipped with the latest diving equipment.  Our instructors are Multi-Lingual and speak German (Tauchen!), Polish (Nurkowanie!), French (Plongee Malte!), Italian (Immersioni!), English and Maltese!