Atlantis Boot 2023

Atlantis Gozo at Boot Dusseldorf 2023

Boot Dusseldorf 2023 Hall 12 A31 8 Once again Atlantis Gozo will participate with our stand at Boot Dusseldorf starting on 21 January till 29 January 2023 You are all welcome to visit us in Hall 12 Stand A31 8 at the Taucher Net pavilion Boot D sseldorf 2023 Halle 12 A31 8 Wir sind…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2022

Merry Christmas A Happy New Year 2022 Wishing you all the best Happy Holidays from the Atlantis Gozo Team This photo was taken by Brian Azzopardi from the back of Cathedral Cave on Gozo s north coast

Rebreather Corner - satisfied guests

Latest News July 2021 – Satisfied Guests

Coming across satisfied guests may not be that difficult after all Being thanked or rewarded for your efforts is really heartening We are proud to announce that a few days ago we have received 2 recognition certificates from PADI One certificate is for making it to the Top 5 for PADI certifications and the 2nd…

Ta Sopu Watchtower

Ta’ Sopu Watchtower

Ta Sopu Watchtower is a small watchtower situated on the cliff between San Blas and Da let Qorrot in Nadur Gozo Malta Who built this watchtower And when was it built Ta Sopu Watchtower was built by the Order of Saint John in 1667 during the reign of Grandmaster Nicolas Cotoner at the expense of…

Common Cuttlefish

Common Cuttlefish – the camouflaging champion

The Common Cuttlefish or European Common Cuttlefish Sepia officinalis is one of the largest and best known cuttlefish species They are a migratory species that spend the summer and spring inshore for spawning and then move to depths of 100 to 200m during autumn and winter They grow to 49 cm in mantle length and…

rebreathers corner

Rebreather Corner

The Rebreather Corner is located adjacent to the Technical Filling Station and right below our large Atlantis painting At Atlantis Gozo we are continuously striving to improve our facilities and services This month we have just completed a Rebreather Corner thus strengthening our side of technical diving operations The Rebreather Corner provides rebreather divers ample…

St Anthony's Battery

St Anthony’s Battery – Qala Point

St Anthony s Battery is an artillery battery in Qala Gozo Malta It was built by the Order of Saint John between 1731 and 1732 as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the coasts of the Maltese Islands St Anthony s Battery is one of only two surviving batteries on Gozo the other…

Triple Arch Reef

Calypso Tunnel – Triple Arch Reef

Calypso Tunnel otherwise known as Triple Arch Reef is found approximately 100m offshore northeast of Xwejni Bay due north of Marsalforn tower on Gozo s north coast This dive starts along the edge of a reef which is an underwater extension of the headland above Following the drop off divers will notice two narrow horizontal…

Għajn Abdul Plateau Cave

Għajn Abdul Plateau and Il-Mixta Caves

How can I reach this plateau You can reach G ajn Abdul Plateau by proceeding along the road past Kempinski Hotel in San Lawrenz or otherwise by approaching via the hamlet of Santa Lu ija When you arrive at the G ajn Abdul spring then you will find a narrow path leading to the caves…

Anglerfish 9

Anglerfish – the day sleeper

Anglerfish are not typically known for their beauty and charm Rather they are best known for their large gaping toothed jaws and horrific angler like protrusions which they use to lure and snatch unsuspecting prey The scientific name of this bizarre fish is Lophius piscatorius and it also commonly known as the fishing frog frog…